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Jac the Realist launches ‘Too Easy’ brand.

Jack - Pepperkala

Meet Abubakar C. Jalloh, a brilliant individual who we are very much pleased to shine some light on. Abubakar who is famously known as “Jac The Realest” is a household name in Monrovia(Monsterrado). 

After working with LFA for few years, he’s currently serving as Marketing Head for BNB Liberia while being the overall manager for “The Liberian Influence”.

According to Martin Luther King, “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving,” and it’s safe to say that’s exactly what Abubakar been doing throughout his career, paving way for a successful career path! This young man is very determined and focused, and he knows what he wants in life, and it shows.

Over the last few months he has launched what is swiftly becoming one of the fastest growing brands in Liberia, “Too Easy”.

What started as a mere social media joke by JAC, soon became a popular trend for him and other socialites. With fast thinking; he quickly transformed it into a clothing brand and the early returns has been nothing short of spectacular. The “Too Easy” brand has been making waves on Liberian social media with the release of its first merchandise; the T-Shirts. They come in different colors with the “Too Easy” logo on the front of what is otherwise a plain T-Shirt.  The first release come in one design and they are mostly praised for its beauty in simplicity and the comfort of its soft fabrics. 

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The success of the early release can’t be overstated, many Liberians have taken their time to wear it in delight and even share on their social media a picture of them wearing the T-Shirt. Even though most of the early customers are mostly young adults, it cuts across a wide demography of Liberians.  

What does “Too Easy” represent? If the words and logo aren’t self-explanatory enough, the brand identity is a symbol of “Positivity”, whether in calm or chaos. The smile on the logo represents joy – finding happiness even in difficult moments. Navigating the challenges of life with the utmost self-confidence whether in clear or muddy waters.



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