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NBS Studios hosts Artist Development Workshop

Not By Sight Studios Artist Development Workshop

On October 28, 2023, the Royal Grand Hotel in Sinkor, Monrovia played host to an enlightening Artist Development Workshop, organized by Not by Sight Studios, an A & R Agency.

This event united aspiring artists, music producers, and artist managers, providing them with a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and skill development to advance their careers. Faith Wyll led the workshop, covering essential topics such as Music Career 101, Artist Branding 101, Understanding Musical Elements, and Selling Your Market.

The participants also benefited from the insights of Zubin Cooper, an entertainment expert, who emphasized the significance of proper branding in an artist’s success and guided them in making informed decisions within the entertainment industry.

At the workshop’s conclusion, the attendees expressed their appreciation for the invaluable knowledge gained and lauded Not by Sight Studios for their commendable initiative. In an interview, TREASURE, an up-and-coming artist, described the workshop as “wonderful” and encouraged both emerging and established artists to attend future sessions to enhance their knowledge.

Not By Sight Studios organized the workshop in collaboration with XL Entertainment and Visional Records, with sponsorship from West East Dream Factory and the Royal Grand Hotel.

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